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Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Animals that have been introduced to Australia
(1.) An Australian farm dog.

(2.) A feral kitten left in a hollow tree by its mother.

(3.) An anti-fruit fly sign on the border between South and Western Australia.

(4.) Camel grazing on farmland near Nimbin, New South Wales.

(5.) A roadsign indicating that camels are a road hazard over vast areas of Australia. During the 1880s, camels were introduced to Australia in order to transport goods across the dry expanses of Australia. When steam railways made camels uneconomic as a mode of transport the predominantly-Afghan camel herders released their animals into the wild. With no natural predators and plenty of suitable food there are now thought to be up to 500,000 camels roaming around Australia. These numbers can result in heavy grazing and place a strain on water resources which are already scarce.