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Friday, April 01, 2005

A expedition in aid of MSF's work in Darfur
A team of intrepid adventurers are about to set off on a race to the magnetic north pole, in aid of Medicins Sans Frontieres' work in Darfur, Sudan.

This expedition will be a massive test of endurance - with teams dragging 90kg sleds in temperatures down to -50 degrees for 4 weeks!

Before setting off on this awareness and fund-raising adventure the expedition team have had to learn how defend themselves against polar bears, how to dry off should they ever fall through the ice (by rolling naked in the snow!) and how to pull such heavy sleds for hours on end...

Team member Caroline Baugh, a doctor who spent two years volunteering for MSF in Sudan in 2003 and 2004, said "The idea behind entering this race came in May 2004, on a rather hot evening in the desert in Sudan, at 50 degrees crowded round an air conditioner unit, when someone suggested a polar expedition might be a good idea!"

Unfortunately, there has been little media coverage of events in Sudan and understanding of the crisis in Darfur remains poor. However, the scale of the disaster was, and still is, huge...

Darfur is the size of France and millions of people are affected. The people of Darfur have endured a vicious campaign of violence + terror which has led to huge numbers of deaths and forced more than 1,000,000 people to flee from their destroyed villages.

If you would like to sponsor this team, why not have look at their webpage and let your friends know!