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Tuesday, April 06, 2004

The latest Bretton Woods Project newsletter
The latest edition of the Bretton Woods Project newsletter has just been released.

This update offers plenty of high-quality retrospective analysis and the latest news on the controversial projects + policies of World Bank and the International Monetary Fund, and is well worth a read.

Articles on offer include:

1. The World Bank and IMF at sixty...
2. Poverty Reduction Strategy Papers: a continuation of structural adjustment
3. Life under the IMF's magnifying glass
4. World Bank pushes Malawi agriculture privatisation
5. Iraq and Ethiopia treatment shows debt relief double standards
6. The World Bank's high-risk hypocrisy
7. Parliaments: the missing link in democratising national policy making
8. Parliamentarians increase demands on World Bank
9. IMF selection mess only a symptom
10. 60th anniversary spring meetings protest plans
11. IMF and poverty: strange bed fellows
12. Disengaging from the Fund: possible and worthwhile?
13. Challenges to World Bank report on MDG progress
14. Are you listening carefully?
15. Pakistani hunger strikers seek reparations for damaging project
16. Global warming speaks louder than words
17. Acres debarment: Litmus test for Bank on corruption
18. World Bank faces lobbies on human rights, climate change
19. Congolese groups unite to demand scrutiny of forest policies
20. BWP seeks new Coordinator
21. BWP welcomes Atieno Ndomo
22. At issue - World Bank, IMF: Helping peace or creating conditions for war?