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Sunday, February 15, 2004

Babirusa.Org weblog launched
Earth-Info.Net has established a weblog co-operative designed to enable conservation + development fieldworkers to publicise, in their own words, the reasons for their work, as well as the ups + downs they experience.

The first of the conservation weblogs, called Babirusa.Org, has been built for Dr. Lynn Clayton, an ecologist who studies a rare + unusual species of pig, called a Babirusa, in the forests of Sulawesi in Indonesia.

Lynn has been studying Babirusa for 15 years and, in partnership with many local organisations + people, has done a great deal to help protect + understand these little known + enigmatic animals.

I hope you'll find this new weblog of interest...

I think it is one of the first of its kind!

Further weblogs covering the wildmeat trade in Central Africa, the interactions between predators + people in South Africa and the pollination of Australian plants will hopefully also be online before too long...