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Thursday, January 08, 2004

Give a charity an old phone
A poll for Body Shop estimates that in the UK approx. 750,000 mobile phones have been thrown away since Christmas.

Incredibly, only 4% of people, who got new phones for Christmas, said that they would recycle their old one...

This is a real shame as there are now a number of companies that will recycle mobile phones intact or break them up their valuable components + materials...

One raw material, coltan, is extremely valuable and has played a large part in fuelling a war in the Democratic Rublic of the Congo which has claimed 3,000,000 lives.

It therefore makes sense to recycle old phones in order to protect people + the environment!

In the US you can recycle your mobile phone, pager or PDA at any Staples store or via the Collective Good website and donate funds to your chosen charity.

In the UK you can donate your phone to development charity Oxfam or, via any Body Shop, donate you phone to aid Refuge, a charity that works to protect women + children from domestic violence.