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Monday, December 15, 2003

A recent report by the Overseas Development Insititute estimates that 150 million people - 1 in 8 of the world's poor - depend on wildlife for both protein + income.

In the Congo basin alone, the harvest of "bushmeat" now amounts to 5,000,000 tonnes per annum and concern is growing that these unsustainable + unregulated levels of trade will soon threaten the survival of several endangered species, including elephants + great apes.

According to this BBC report, the environment minister of Cameroon, Chief Clarkson Oben Tanyi-Mbianyor, is currently in London to attend a conference organised by the Bushmeat Campaign, and asking the UK to assist his country by funding the recruitment + training of eco-guards, and the development of alternative sources of income which will keep local people out of the forest.