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Sunday, November 16, 2003

UK gets serious about energy efficiency
The UK government is funding a campaign, called Action Energy, which makes the business case for greater energy efficiency...

Not only does wasting energy harm the environment, but saving energy can be very good for business, with a 20% reduction in waste potentially offering the same benefit as a 5% increase in sales!

In addition to offering advice on loans that are available to replace existing equipment with more energy efficient kit + surveys which can help companies to identify how to cut their energy use by 10-30% the site offers the following top tips which can be applied to any organisation:

* 'If you can't measure it, you can't manage it'.
Check regularly on your consumption of electricity, gas and oil, and check that your bills relate to what you actually use, rather than an estimate.

* Switch off lights in empty rooms
Turn off lights in empty rooms and corridors - especially at the end of the day. This can save up to 15% of your energy bill.

* Keep windows closed in cold weather
If staff are too warm, turn the heating down instead.

* Use just the light you need
Lights too bright in corridors? Remove or switch off alternate fittings.

* Use daylight
It's free - so keep windows and skylights clean and clear.

* Clean light fittings annually
Dirt reduces lighting efficiency, encouraging people to switch more lights on.

* Too hot?
Set the thermostat at 19° - costs rise by 8% for every 1° increase.

* Don't heat unused space
Storerooms, corridors and areas where there's heavy physical work can be set to lower temperatures. Reduce heating during holidays and weekends.

* Thermostats
Check that thermostats are sited out of draughts and away from either cold or hot spots.

* Keep radiators clear
Don't block radiators with furniture -it reduces efficiency and output.

* Consult your colleagues
Ask your colleagues where they think energy is being wasted, and for their ideas about saving energy.

The above advice does not require the invention of any hugely expensive, non-existent rocket science, it does however require something that human beings tend to find much harder to get excited about... changing entrenched, lazy + costly behaviours.

Earth-Info.Net certainly hopes that the free
helpline 0800 58 57 94 and the straight forward Action Energy website will make some of low-tech strategies + equipment that are available today much less painful to adopt and permanently undermine the feeble excuses we all tend to fall back on...