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Friday, November 14, 2003

IUCN conservation action plans made available online
The editor of the Carnivore Conservation information portal, Guillaume Chapron, has converted hard copies of the IUCN Conservation Status + Action Plans for Wild Cats, Hyaenas, Red Pandas, The African Wild Dog, Ethiopian Wolf, Bears + Weasels, Civets, Mongooses and their Relatives into pdf files that can be downloaded off the web.

This is a major service to international conservation, especially to people working in developing countries, and Guillaume deserves to be congratulated for putting in the time and effort required to obtain the necessary permissions from the IUCN, then scan each report and post them online.

Hopefully more public + charitable organisations will start to make sure that the majority of their reports + documents are automatically made available on the internet once they are published in hard copy, and will stop relying on the unpaid enthusiasm of people such as Guillaume to make crucial information available as widely as possible.