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Wednesday, November 19, 2003

Earth-Info.Net collaborates with field projects
Today I demonstrated how Blogger works to Graham Hemson and discussed helping him to set up a collaborative lion conservation weblog...

Hopefully this new blog will be one of a stable of high-quality environment + development field projects that Earth-Info.Net will help to get online + publicise.

The idea of collaborating in this way is to give a frank, first person summary of the ups + downs associated with running a field project, demonstrate what is happening at the grass roots level + aid the engagement of field workers with collaborators, sponsors + the public...

As many of the projects I am approaching work in remote parts of the world + are understaffed I hope that a group of us working together will be able to produce a more compelling site than any of us can manage alone and also give readers a broader impression of the range of worthwhile work that is going on out there, below the NGO level.

See here for a letter Graham recently had published in New Scientist regarding the resolution of conflict between lions + people in Botswana.

The Predators + People weblog will go live in the next few days...