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Sunday, November 30, 2003

Doing nothing, becomes doing something...
Yesterday was Buy Nothing Day.

The organisers hope that urging consumers to resist unnecessary spending for a day will encourage them to asks questions about the products they buy and challenge the companies who produce good + services for them.

The resources + links on offer on the BND site are well worth a look... as is this BBC report on a new book (Jobs and Incomes in a Globalizing World) published by the International Labour Organisation which discusses the complex advantages + disadvantages of globalisation for rich + poor nations with an unusually dispassionate + steely eye.

... Earth-Info.Net believes that consumers (and voters!) have an important role to play in encouraging fairer, longer-term, wiser + more sustainable decisions to be made by big business + governments, and is pleased to see the spotlight being turned on the umpteen small, selfish decisions that we all make, often for perfectly understandable reasons, but which en masse can have large, undesirable consequences.