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Sunday, November 16, 2003

$20 billion in tax breaks for US oil, gas, coal + nuclear industries
According to Reuter's Planet Ark, Republican law makers are proposing an energy bill loaded with some $20 billion in tax breaks they say would create U.S. jobs while boosting oil, natural gas, coal + nuclear production.

Unfortunately, this bill misses many opportunities and could be positively harmful as it lacks any measures to tighten U.S. automobile fuel standards or reduce emissions of heat-trapping carbon dioxide...

Earth-Info.Net therefore wishes that the US Administration could see the wisdom in creating new jobs in clean technologies and would instead put this sort of money into removing society's reliance on fossils fuels (and nuclear fuels which still cannot be disposed of safely!).

Efforts to do this would be both socially + environmentally beneficial and help us to move towards an economy that is highly energy-efficient, self-sufficient + based on renewable energy sources. Perhaps within 5-10 years?

Many of the technologies necessary to make such a dramatic transition already exist but need a new infra-structure to be put in place + some financial assistance in order to start enjoying the economies of scale established sources of energy already benefit from.

For example, hydrogen-powered cars release only water through their exhaust pipes (can travel over 10,705-mile per gallon), and even in more standard vehicles offer a high level of performance while powered by a combination of solar electricity + hydrogen.