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Friday, October 24, 2003

Adopt a Granny
While looking through the donation pages of many different NGOs I came across HelpAge International's Adopt a Granny scheme and thought I would give it a special mention, as the neglect + suffering of old people in poor countries is so often overlooked or considered less important than comparable suffering by the young...

The Adopt a Granny scheme was first launched as an individual sponsorship scheme by Help the Aged in 1973, and now reaches 25,000 disadvantaged older people, through 380 projects in 29 countries.

It funds community programmes, day centres, home visiting programmes income generating projects, pension schemes + residential homes.

It has significant programmes in India, Kenya, the Philippines, Sri Lanka and Zimbabwe, and in recent years has developed activities in Bolivia, the Caribbean, Cambodia, Ethiopia, Peru, Tanzania + Thailand.

Please contact HelpAge International if you would like to support this work.