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Wednesday, August 06, 2003

:: WWF expels Tesco from sustainability partnership ::
UK supermarket Tesco has been expelled from a partnership with WWF which had been designed to encourage businesses to source their hardwood products from sustainably harvested forests.

This expulsion follows an investigation by Friends of the Earth which found that Tesco was selling garden furniture assembled in Vietnam, using illegally sourced hardwoods from Indonesia.

Tesco has said that it is are endeavouring to find new sources of wood but WWF have decided to tighten the criteria businesses must currently agree to meet in order to remain members of it's 95+ group.

Pressure is now growing for WWF to expel French multinational Lafarge which has twice been fined by the European Commission for operating illegal international price-fixing cartels.

Friends of the Earth has said that “WWF must apply the same ethical standards to all its partnerships with companies,”... and the fact... “That Lafarge supports WWF to the tune of £3.5 million must not distort the picture.”