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Thursday, July 24, 2003

:: Nelson Mandela offers some words of wisdom ::
As part of their Youth + HIV/AIDS campaign, OneWorld AIDS Radio are featuring a programme produced + broadcast around the world by MTV in celebration of Nelson's Mandela's 85th birthday which also coincides with the 2003 debut of the "Staying Alive" HIV/AIDS awareness campaign.

The programme takes an historial view of Mr Mandela's life and profiles four young people: Henry, Min Zin, Jumana + Guy who travel to Johannesburg to seek his advice on their struggles against HIV/AIDS, political exile + war.

The programme audio is broken down here into the following 7 sections, for ease of access. Follow the links to the audio. (you can also log onto the OneWorld AIDS site for these links, in the Audio and Campaigns sections!):

* 1 Henry's Story (part 1)
Henry is campaigning against the spread of HIV/AIDS in Uganda but is facing testing conditions which make his work extremely difficult.

* 2 Henry's Story (part 2)

* 3 Min Zin's Story (part 1):
Min Zin is living in political exile in Thailand and wants to draw on the experiences of Nelson Mandela to help him in his struggle for democracy back home in Burma...

* 4 Min Zin's Story (part 2)

* 5 Min Zin's Story (part 3)

* 6 Jumana + Guy (part 1)
Jumana + Guy live on opposite sides of the Arab- Israeli conflict and are hoping that Nelson Mandela will advise them in their search for peace...

* 7 Jumana + Guy (part 2)