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Wednesday, July 02, 2003

:: Life in the abyss ::
Scientists from Australia + New Zealand have been exploring the deep-water ridges of the Pacific Ocean's southern fringe and have found a startling variety of weird + wonderful creatures previously unknown to science, thought to be extinct or only known from their fossils.

See here for a picture gallery.

Earth-Info.Net's favourite quote is:

"If you came from another planet and asked to see the most common habitat, you'd be shown the deep sea. Two thirds of the world is ocean. We are the weird ones in many ways..."

The following quote also deserves an honourable mention, as it conveys some of the excitement + uncertainty of the scientists involved...

"It's a lucky dip, but nothing is likely to leap out and latch on to you."

Again Earth-Info.Net's not sure why we spend so much on exploring space when we know so little about the marvels of our own planet...