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Sunday, July 06, 2003

Job vacancy: Researcher / Data Coordinator :
Earth-Info.Net doesn't normally advertise jobs but this one's a cracker, with a great charity!

Check out the Business + Human Rights Resource Centre website for more details...

Researcher / Data Coordinator
9-month fixed-term contract
£22,500 per annum
Based in London
closing date: 23 July 2003

The Business + Human Rights Resource Centre, a new charity, is seeking a highly-motivated and results-oriented person with a good working knowledge of Spanish and/or French to fill the post of Researcher / Data Coordinator.

You will be responsible to the Director and work with him as a two-person team to further develop the organisation and its website (www.business-humanrights.org), recognised internationally as the leading information site on this subject.

You will be responsible for:
* Daily data entry on the website, including updating broken + outdated links
* Assisting with online research + data entry; coordinating Spanish and/or French online research + data entry
* Developing & maintaining an extensive database of contacts
* Handling administrative tasks including correspondence + record-keeping

Good luck!