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Tuesday, July 22, 2003

:: Hydrogen powered buses coming to London ::
Transport for London, the largest bus company in Europe, has agreed to try out three hydrogen powered buses later this year...

Hydrogen powered vehicles are a good idea because they emit no pollution through their exhaust pipe, only water, so can contribute to cleaner air in cities.

When the hydrogen is produced without the use of fossil fuels (i.e. using solar or wind energy) these vehicles also have the potential to help humans to reduce their carbon dioxide emissions.

This is desirable because human-induced CO2 emissions are thought to be strengthening a natural process known as the greenhouse house effect, which traps heat in the earth's atmosphere, and may eventually result in disastrous worldwide climate change (see graph) unless severe emission cuts are made.

See the Tyndall Centre and Hadley Centre for more information about climate change. Also see the Living with the Sea website which discusses how climate change is likely to effect the UK coastline over the next 100 years...