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Tuesday, June 24, 2003

:: New species found in Bolivia ::
In 2001 a friend of Earth-Info.Net's, Ross MacLeod, mounted an expedition to Bolivia, with colleagues from Oxford and Glasgow universities....

It has turned out that this expedition discovered seven species new to science including two frogs, two snakes, two toads + a lizard. They also extended the range of a bird called the Screech Owl by 1000km.

Ross says "There's a very high rate there of endemism, species that don't exist anywhere else. It's almost as though a different species had evolved in each valley..."

In fact this expedition has been such a success that Ross and his team have now received backing from the BP Conservation Programme, a partnership between BirdLife International and Fauna & Flora International (sponsored by BP).

The next stage of this project (which will help Bolivian conservation agencies to draw up management plans + document species) has also won core funding from the UK's Darwin Initiative and will be collaborating with Conservation International and the Wildlife Conservation Society...

Great stuff! Good luck, Ross.