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Saturday, June 07, 2003

Last month Earth-Info.Net was contacted by Richard Kahn of Vegan Blog and this started me thinking about the different forms of environmentalism + environmental blog that exist...

I don't have time to explore all the different forms of environmentalism (believe me there are a lot!) but I thought it might be good to provide a quick run-down of the environmental blogs I know about + to leave it to you to choose which blogs fit your interests + needs:

Coral Report: Marine ecology made easy...
Dailysummit.Net: A weblog which offered live coverage of the UN's World Summit 2002
Dive in to Earth Day: Set up for Earth Day (April 22nd)... events, links + history.
Dystopia: A US weblog covering environmental + social issues. Lots of links.
Earth-Info.Net: Environmental + humanitarian news, issues + comment... but of course you knew that!
Earth Peace Project: A collection of profound quotes done with style + thought.
EarthSummit.Info: Earth-Info.Net's older brother: 600 useful links + The World Summit.
Eco-Portal: A news portal run by Glen Barry, author of the following* blogs:
* Climate Blog: Comment + analysis of climate change + renewable energy issues.
* Earth Blog: A well-done + newsie environmental blog, from a US perspective.
* Forest Blog: A great blog which helps to show why forests really matter.
* Water Blog: The first blog dedicated to international water issues + news!
Ex-Entropy: "Deep ecology", ethics + books
Future Harvest: Technical news from the International Plant Genetic Resources Institute
Greenpeace Weblog: A weblog from Greenpeace - up for a Webby!
Invasive Species: Great coverage of innumerable invasive species.
NGO map: The use of "Knowledge Management" by international NGOs.
Rebecca Blood: Blogging supremo who covers sustainability, weblog development + gothic fashion...
Sierra Activist: A grass roots news + activism site.
Soliloquist: Environment + society from an ethical + human rights point of view.
Swamp Cottage: A blog covering African, UN + hi-tech developments
Vegan Blog: "The (Eco) Logical Weblog" by Richard Kahn
Viridian Blog: Seemingly deceased! Try the Viridian Repository.

New finds...
How to Save the World: Essays on environmental thought + policy. Thanks to Dave Pollard.
Ecosocialism: A weblog of ecosocialist opinion

Please let me know if I have missed anyone + I will add them to the list!