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Tuesday, June 10, 2003

Earth-Info.Net has just been sent the latest newsletter from the OneWorld Radio AIDS Network - a collaborative project which brings together broadcasters + NGO's in their shared fight against AIDS.

The network has a very large archive of AIDS-related online radio programmes which you can listen to for free...

Here a few examples of what they have to offer:

* The Global Fund: Two years on, is it working?
This report, by InterWorld Radio takes a close look at the Global Fund (to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis & Malaria), which was set up in 2000 to combat the AIDS pandemic, as well as malaria and tuberculosis, a topic also featured at the recent G8 Summit in France. So far, the fund has handed out over a billion dollars to fund projects in 153 countries. But just how effective has this been?

* Workplace HIV treatment helps breaks stigma
A special Health-e report looking at metal industry employees in South Africa, an area which provides little treatment or support for its workers. This is despite the fact that around 20% of the 350 000 metal industry workforce is infected with HIV. Khopotso Bodibe reports.

* Uganda, Burkina Faso + the world AIDS crisis.
The latest edition of this weekly show features Uganda's success in decreasing HIV infection; the extensive spread of HIV in Burkina Faso and local efforts to fight the disease and attitudes which encourage the spread of HIV; a look at the World AIDS Crisis in an interview with Family Health International; and a report on "The Reach Out Project" in Kampala, Uganda. This show is produced by Aidsjourneys Radio/ShalomCare.

* Caregiver's Corner
Caregiver's Corner is a weekly radio programme for caregivers, partners and family members of individuals diagnosed with HIV, AIDS or other serious illnesses. Focus is often international. The programmes include interviews and feature stories. This episode examines hospice care in the United States, but is valuable for a worldwide audience. By Aidsjourneys Radio/ShalomCare.