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Thursday, June 05, 2003

Apparently, it wasn't just Earth-Info.Net that was massively underwhelmed by what the G8 nation's offered to the world's poor in Evian...

Follow these links to find out what the following organisations had to say about the Evian meeting:

* Friends of the Earth said there was too much emphasis on voluntary transparency from big business...

* Christian Aid complain that the rich nations have asked the world's poor to wait for progress until the next round of trade talks take place in Mexico in September...

* Oxfam said that the G8 statement on trade was vacuous + point out that rich countries subsidise their own farmers with approx. $1bn a day and most of the money going to big agri-businesses.

Perhaps the most damning comment can be found in aBBC summary where someone from Oxfam is quoted as saying, "when the history of the war on poverty is written, Evian won't even be a footnote."

Overall, another missed opportunity...