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Tuesday, April 01, 2003

What's Earth-Info.Net all about?

Earth-Info.Net is one of the world's few sustainable development "weblogs" (please get in touch if you know of any others!) sometimes it is also a democracy blog, an environment blog, a poverty blog, energy blog, health blog, clean water blog, AIDS blog it all depends what's caught Matt's eye + what is going on...

Recently we've also tried to offer decent coverage of mega-events such as the World Economic Forum in Davos, the World Social Forum in Portoalegre 2003 + the World Water Forum in Kyoto (see links to the left + postings throughout March re: Water)...

Earth-Info.Net is a sister site to www.earthsummit.info (600+ useful links) + the Oxford Earth Summit (30 expert talks). Earth-Info.Net's archive now offers 200+ stories... why not check them out if you've found this page interesting?

If you would like to make a personal difference Earth-Info.Net recommends sponsoring a disabled Vietnamese child or the provision of clean water....

Thanks to Unknown News for their link... we've just had the most visitors ever!

Congratulations to Mexican Wave on being presented the Mexico Tourism Board's Lente de Plata (Silver Lens) Award by President Vicente Fox in acknowledgement of their role in promoting responsible travel + a better understanding of the 'real' Mexico, beyond the beach resorts and stereotypes of tequila and sombreros...