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Wednesday, April 02, 2003

The UK's Environmental Audit Select Committee's inquiry into the outcomes + implementation of the World Summit on Sustainable Development(WSSD) has taken evidence from a range of witnesses including Margaret Beckett and Jonathon Porritt...

Members of the Canadian Standing Committee on Environment and Sustainable Development, led by The Hon. Charles Caccia MP and Johanne Gélinas, Commissioner of Sustainable Development and the Environment were also invited to give evidence to the committee...

Mr. Caccia said the most serious flaw in the post-Johannesburg process is the role of UNEP in implementation. In order to allow the agency to be successful, he said that UNEP would have to be elevated within the UN system.

Ms. Gélinas spoke about the role of the Type 2 or “partnership” initiatives. She expressed concern that by handing over responsibility for implementation to third parties, monitoring progress will be more difficult, and she underlined the need for good governance in keeping track of progress.