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Wednesday, April 02, 2003

A new report from independent experts (the UK's Radioactive Waste Management Advisory Committee) says that:

The reliance on the existing Drigg near-surface disposal site alone as a long-term management solution for these "low activity wastes" is misplaced.

The site is filling up and the report indicates that additional capacity will be required. Volumes of low activity waste are not accurately reported...

A Radioactive Materials Inventory is needed - in order to take fuller account of all existing and potential nuclear liabilities.

"The number of nuclear plants being decommissioned, currently and in the near future, will result in very large amounts of waste.

RWMAC warns that unless sensible and robust solutions can be found "huge amounts of lightly contaminated soil and rubble cleared from nuclear sites might have to be transported across the UK, only to have to be buried elsewhere, all at great public cost. This would merely be moving the problem, not solving it."