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Wednesday, April 23, 2003

I don't want to distract attention from the Earth Day posting below so will keep the following stories as brief as possible...

The Ethiopian government has announced plans to stage an African version of Live Aid in a bid to raise funds to fight the famine they currently face. Unfortunately, most countries haven't noticed this brewing disaster, or donated funds to fight it, due to the intensive coverage of the War with Iraq.

Despite intensive lobbying, the World Health Organisation looks set to adher to advice which states that in a healthy diet no more than 10% of calories should come from sugar, rather than the 25% the US Sugar Association feels is safe.

The Friends of the Earth have released a report entitled "Undermining Indonesia" which is harshly critical of Rio Tinto Zinc's human rights record at gold mine projects in Indonesia's East Kalimantan + West Papua provinces.

Friends of the Earth are also campaigning for British companies to be bound by UK company law in their overseas activities...