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Wednesday, April 30, 2003

After 50 years of waiting it now looks as though the Tjarutja aboriginal people of Maralinga, South Australia, are about get their ancestral lands back...

Between 1961 + 1963 their land was used for 15 nuclear tests.

Following a 1967 cleaning effort + surveys in the 1980s the Australian government has said that the Tjarutja's land is clean + ready for hand-back - sometime this year.

Later this week BBC Radio 4 will be broadcasting a documentary which explores how + why the British + Australian governments together confiscated the sacred lands of the Tjarutja people + just how much the local aboriginal people, servicemen + the desert environment were all put at risk...

To learn more read this illustrated report on the clean-up process + a second report which outlines some of the criticism the clean-up process has faced, including allegations of ineffective management, cost-cutting measures + ineffective regulation.