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Saturday, March 22, 2003

Yesterday, Earth-Info.Net attended a day of talks which outlined some of biggest ecological problems faced by the Arctic region...

Threats include industrial waste products known as Persistent Organic Pollutants (e.g. PCBs + Brominated Flame Retardants) which accumulate in the fatty tissues of predators such as marine mammals + birds and poison them, the nuclear reactors of decommissioned Russian ships + submarines which have been dumped in the Barent + Kara seas and last-but-not-least the retreat of the polar ice cap associated with climate change.

A talk by a Norwegian environmental charity called Bellona was of particular interest as it emphasised the scale of the problems faced by the region as well as the need for stronger co-ordination, expert advice and co-operation when dealing with trans-boundary environmental issues, such as nuclear contamination + storage.

On a related note, click here to find out more about the dangerously full reservoirs containing radioactive sludge at Russia's nuclear re-processing plant in Mayak, Siberia...