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Monday, March 03, 2003

The World Health Organisation + the Food and Agriculture Organisation have released an independent Expert Report on diet + chronic disease.

It says that less saturated fats, sugar + salt but more fruit and vegetables + physical exercise are needed to counter cardiovascular diseases, cancer, diabetes and obesity

The Report includes advice on ways of changing daily nutritional intake and increasing energy expenditure by:

* Reducing energy-rich foods high in saturated fat and sugar;
* Cutting the amount of salt in the diet;
* Increasing the amount of fresh fruit + vegetables in the diet.
* Undertaking moderate-intensity physical activity for at least an hour a day.

The Report, based on the analysis of the best available current evidence and the collective judgement of 30 experts, emphasizes that energy consumed each day should match energy expenditure.

Evidence suggests that excessive consumption of energy-rich foods can encourage weight gain, the report calls for a limit in the consumption of saturated and trans fats, sugars and salt in the diet, noting they are often found in snacks, processed foods + drinks...