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Friday, March 14, 2003

A proposed new recycling law, which would greatly improve the UK's recycling record, successfully passed its Second Reading in the House of Commons today. It will now be discussed in detail by a Committee of MPs.

Joan Ruddock's Municipal Waste Recycling Bill, which passed its Second Reading unopposed, would require the Government to ensure that 50% of domestic waste is recycled by 2010. The current target is 30 per cent (by 2010). Latest figures show that the UK only recycles around 11% of its waste.

Friends of the Earth Director, Tony Juniper, said:

"We are delighted that Joan Ruddock's Municipal Waste Recycling Bill has passed its crucial second reading unopposed. MPs and the Government clearly understand that we must drastically increase the amount of domestic waste that this country recycles. We hope that this Bill will pass through its remaining stages as quickly as possible so that Britain can finally have a recycling record to be proud of."

So far Jonathan Sayeed MP, Shadow Minister for the Environment, has pledged that the Conservative Party will support the Bill...