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Wednesday, March 12, 2003

Oliver Tickell has put together a very interesting + useful site called Green Electricity...

It offers green electricity links covering:

* Consumer tariffs
* Business / industrial tariffs
* Wind power
* Solar Photo Voltaics
* Biomass
* Domestic scale windpower
* Combined Heat + Power
* Carbon offset schemes
* Trade associations
* Media
* Government sites

There are plenty of innovative + exciting initiatives on this website and it is great to have a site that makes it so much easier for everyone to find out what they can do to minimise their environmental impact, without having to sacrifice too much of their time or effort...

Of all the sites mentioned I would draw your attention to Solar Century's work making buildings as energy efficient + productive as possible and the Combined Heat + Power Association website which explains how lower cost energy can be used to keep people warm + make factories more competitive while also reducing carbon dioxide emissions...

Well done Oliver!