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Thursday, March 27, 2003

From March 4th to 6th a conference "Energy Security through Hydrogen" took place in Washington DC...

This conference involved some of the biggest car manufacturers + energy companies in the world and came hot on the heels of President Bush's pledge of $1.7 billion dollars to help the hydrogen-powered vehicle sector develop...

The extra money already seems to have made a difference with Shell + GM announcing a partnership that could help to 10,000 people to test drive hydrogen powered vans at a petrol station equipped with hydrogen pumps.

It is also welcome news that Shell Hydrogen chief executive Donald Huberts has said that his company wants to demonstrate the practical and everyday use of hydrogen fuel + that General Motors has declared plans to sell 1,000,000 fuel cell vehicles over the next decade.

Now all we need is a renewable (non-polluting / non-carbon emitting) way of generating the electricity needed to produce large amounts of hydrogen (i.e. solar or wind power), the infrastructure necessary to distribute hydrogen to consumers + for people to buy the hydrogen-powered cars!