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Friday, February 14, 2003

Tomorrow 500,000+ people are expected to take part in a peace march through London.

The march will now have two assembly points. The main assembly point, permitting the march to travel down Whitehall and past Parliament, is [A] Embankment (tubes: Blackfriars, Temple, Waterloo, Charing X*). A second assembly point is [B] Gower Street (tubes: Tottenham Court Rd, Goodge St, Warren St, Euston*). Assemble at 12:00 to march at 12:30pm [Route].

At the later rally in Hyde Park speakers will include Rev. Jesse Jackson, Ken Livingstone, Tony Benn, Bianca Jagger + former Algerian President Ahmed Ben Bella.

Police advise marchers to:
* Be patient
* Wear warm clothes
* Bring snacks
* Carry a radio + monitor events on local radio

A wide coalitions of NGOs such as CND, Greenpeace, Friends of the Earth, Christian Aid, Stop the War + The Muslim Association of Britain have expressed their opposition to a US led war in Iraq...

Friends of the Earth have strongly condemned the looming war against Iraq and deplored the humanitarian + environmental impacts that will result from such a war. Given the likely impacts, Friends of the Earth believes that the proponents of war against Iraq have failed to justify military action.

Friends of the Earth has also stated that they "support global treaties, diplomacy, and negotiation to resolve disputes and to promote human rights, environmental protection, and sustainable societies. Under the prevailing circumstances, pre-emptive military action contradicts such an approach, and risks furthering a vicious circle of terrorism + violence that would damage prospects for sustainable development in the Middle East and elsewhere around world."