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Wednesday, February 19, 2003

A report from the National Consumer Council (NCC) entitled Everyday Essentials has found that the needs of up to 13 million poor people living in the UK are being virtually ignored by companies + the service industry.

The report concluded that 3 simple changes would help the plight of Briton's poor include:

* Affordable + convenient pushchair friendly bus services to the supermarket.

* Help for people whose first language isn't English, or who have literacy problems, to communicate with their children's school.

* An end to "time-consuming" + "complicated" automated telephone systems.

Other facts highlighted by the report include... an estimated 4 million people are fuel poor, over 4.4 million households are in debt to water companies, despite government initiatives, 20% of the poorest households still remain without any type of bank or building society account, a 1/3 of the population have no savings at all + an estimated 750,000 people in England and Wales fail to get their medical prescription dispensed because of the cost...