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Thursday, February 13, 2003

The London Farmers' Market organise farmers' markets in London and bring food grown within 100 miles of the M25 to London...

Everything on sale has been grown, raised, baked, caught, shot or made by hand by the people selling it. The LFM have strict rules guaranteeing that everything is sold by the farmer who grew it. No one is allowed to sell another farmer's produce. All of their markets are certified by the National Association of Farmers' Markets.

According to their website there will always be fresh fruit and vegetables, salads, cheeses, meats, juice, bread + eggs. They also like to have honey, preserves, wine, cider, milk, cream, cakes, fish and herbs where possible... although because they are seasonal, produce will vary throughout the year.

At this and other farmers markets you can expect to find unusual varieties you don't see at the supermarket, like Tatsoi salad greens and striped or golden beetroots. You'll also find things you don't expect - red chilli peppers, edible flowers + buffalo cheese!

It sounds like quite an experience as well as a good way of encouraging local food production + employment...