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Thursday, February 13, 2003

Following the victory of Mwai Kibaki's National Rainbow Alliance over Daniel Arop-Moi's Kanu party after 39 years of rule Kenya's politicians seem to be amazed what they are able to achieve now that they have found the political will to give all children a primary school education + improve care for homeless street children...

A positive indication that current reforms may be profound and long-lasting is that John Githongo, has been named as Kenya's anti-corruption czar. Githongo set up and ran the Kenyan chapter of global anti-corruption organisation Transparency International and was a lone voice against the corruption associated with Moi's rule.

Another good sign is that on the basis of recent progress The World Bank has told the newly-elected Kenyan government that it is keen to resume lending [which was stopped in 2001 due to concerns over corruption] in order to help the country bridge a $740m budget short fall...

It obviously remains to see how long these good intentions + efforts last, but lets hope that they are able to take root and grow.