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Thursday, February 13, 2003

The Chief Scientific Advisor to the UK government and head of the Office of Science and Technology, Professor Sir David King has suggested nuclear power as one way of supplying both hydrogen and electricity to the hydrogen economy without raising carbon dioxide emissions.

In a lecture on 'The Role of Government in Response to Global Warming' given at Oxford University today, he hinted that the forthcoming government White Paper on energy would be more favourable to supporters of renewable energy such as wind power than the nuclear power industry (see .Renew Online for background to the nuclear power debate).

As part of the government's measures to mitigate carbon dioxide emissions, he highlighted the need for research and development in renewable energy, carbon seqestration and fusion technology. This will be facilitated through the establishment of a new National Energy Research Centre, with six key areas for increased R & D investment, outlined in the 2001 Energy Research Review:

- carbon sequestration
- energy efficiency
- hydrogen economy
- nuclear power
- solar PV
- wave & tidal power.