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Friday, January 24, 2003

Under a not-for-profit pilot program, drug company Pharmacia has agreed to transfer its proprietary manufacturing technology and regulatory dossier for delavirdine, a medicine for HIV/AIDS, to IDA [The International Dispensary Association]

IDA, in turn, will be empowered to select any generic companies that meet its quality manufacturing standards. As the world's largest non-profit supplier of generic medicines to developing countries and relief agencies, IDA is uniquely positioned to facilitate manufacturing and supply of generic delavirdine in eligible countries.

See Medecins Sans Frontieres' Access to Essential Medicines website to find out why this and other similar schemes are needed in order to help fight Malaria, TB + AIDS (plus other preventable killer diseases) in many of the world's poorest nations and the UNAIDS + AIDS Map websites for more details on the global AIDS epidemic.