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Thursday, January 16, 2003

There is currently a severe drought in Australia, which has created a shortage of pasture for both livestock + wildlife...

Commenting on the determination of people to farm introduced sheep + cattle in Australia while viewing native (and perfectly adapted) kangaroos as pests Professor Mike Archer of Sydney's Australian Museum has said:

"When you think about it, there are more kangaroos in Australia than cattle and sheep, and yet we insist on focusing our attentions on harvesting cattle and sheep when in fact there's a natural resource doing better."

At present 3.5 million kangaroos are culled each year and support a A$200 million industry based on the meat + skins, while the rest of the country's 58 million kangaroos are regarded as pests...

...this is despite the human health + environmental advantages of sustainably harvesting kangaroos versus the problems associated with Australians relying on hooved animals, such as over-grazing, soil erosion + elevated levels of human heart disease.

My apologies to Skippy for this story!