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Sunday, January 26, 2003

See here for some photographs of the street protests that have taken place at the World Social Forum and the World Economic Forum.

The European protests (and policing!) seem to have been rather uptight + aggressive whereas the Brazilian approach seems much more uplifting, unifying + artistic...

Other observations I have include that there are very few "alternative" websites reporting on the the WSF (the tiny number that do exist are also mostly in Spanish/Portugese), hardly any NGO press releases/websites have been produced compared to the blizzard of emails the WEF people have been issuing + most of the anti-WEF websites seem to have been produced by anarchic Germanics...

Still it's good to see that Oxfam's Barbara Stocking has been keeping up the pressure on US + EU farm subsidies... as well as the general strengthening of participation by NGOs at the WEF + the Public Eye on Davos - even if the activities of the NGOs haven't been reported on very much by most of the mainstream media!