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Wednesday, January 15, 2003

I've just added Google's SiteSearch function to Earth-Info.Net.

You can find the search box in the bottom left of the links section.

I hope that this search function will help both you + me to follow-up and investigate issues further, from within this site...

... with any luck it will also mean that archived stories are less likely to die a premature death?

If by any chance the Google SiteSearch doesn't help you to find stories within this page all that well you can still do this very efficiently by calling up your browser's search function by pressing the "CTRL" + "F" keys at the same time.

My thanks to Free Pie whose code helped me to work out how to fit the search bar into the space available...

For a while the insertion of Google's search function meant compressing all of the site's stories into a few inches on the right hand side!!!