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Sunday, January 19, 2003

I have just added some new useful links that should be of use during next week's World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland...

I've included some business + government links...

... as well as links to the parallel alternative forum being run by a coalition of international NGOs called The Public Eye on Davos.

A range of additional NGOs have also been added, such as:

* The Bretton Woods Project (IMF + World Bank reform)
* Corp Watch (Corporate corruption + workers rights)
* New Economics Foundation (Economic think-tank, home to Jubilee Research)
* Publish What You Pay (Open accounting standards)
* State Watch (Monitor civil liberties in the EU)
* Tobin Tax Initiative (Seeking a small tax on currency transactions to fund international development)
* Transparency International (Corporate + state accountability + transparency).

and key UN agreements...

* UN Global Compact (An agreement between theUN + business on minimum standards of corporate behaviour) and
* The UN's Millennium Development Goals (The halving of global poverty by 2015, universal primary school education, combat AIDS, ensure environmental stability...)

More links will be added in due course, as the number of sites actively covering the WEF increases...