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Friday, January 24, 2003

Due to violent protests taking place in Davos at previous World Economic Forums, the Swiss authorities have this year authorised anti-WEF 2003 demonstrations to take place on Saturday 25th January.

The organiser's stated basis for "co-operation" and their "political self-image" include...

"We disapprove of the WEF and our attitude towards it is confrontative. It is impossible to reform the WEF, because of this we don't want to have any dialogue. Our aim is, to smash the WEF and to prevent their meetings."

"Our protest is against categorising, marginalising and excluding people and social groups; our aim is a society, that is orientated to the needs of all and not to the profit of a few."

"Our solidarity is with all oppressed, who do not want to accept the prevailing contradictions without criticism, and our solidarity is with all, who realize their power and organise emancipated resistance."

"Our protest against the WEF-summit is connected with our resistance against the Swiss government politics, against racist and sexist politics and against the neoliberal basic position of our society."