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Wednesday, January 08, 2003

The Danish Committees on Scientific Dishonesty (DCSD) have accused Bjørn Lomborg the (statistician) author of The Sceptical Environmentalist of bending the facts to suit his arguments, with the following concluding remarks...

"Objectively speaking, the publication of the work under consideration is deemed to fall within the concept of scientific dishonesty.

In view of the subjective requirements made in terms of intent or gross negligence, however, Bjørn Lomborg's publication cannot fall within the bounds of this characterization. Conversely, the publication is deemed clearly contrary to the standards of good scientific practice."

One of the people who asked the DCSD to assess the scientific merit of Lomborg's book, Jeff Harvey, a former editor of the scientific journal Nature and currently a senior scientist at the Netherlands Institute of Ecology said:

"It is unfortunate that I and many others felt it necessary to take Lomborg and his book to task for the veritable deluge of inaccuracies it contains, but Lomborg has veered well across the line that divides controversial, if not competent, science from unrepentant incompetence."

He added: "Scientists must be held accountable for serious transgressions that are committed without responsibility, and this judgement goes at least some way to underlining Lomborg's dishonesty."

See the Green Alliance's 10 pinches of salt document, the Anti-Lomborg pages and the Grist Magazine special for further detailed critiques of Lomborg's use of statistics...

...and Tech Central Station or Lomborg's own site for the opposite points of view.