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Thursday, January 23, 2003

According to the World Economic Forum's programme there are 27 different talks taking place today...

I won't try to list them all but abstracts that sound interesting/surprising include...

Globalization, Poverty + Inequality
The precise impact of globalization on the wealth or poverty of nations is a never-ending source of disagreement between the pro- and anti-globalization camps. However the crux of the matter is the effect that globalization has on policy choices. The agenda points are: 1) Is it true that although the world is getting richer, inequality is increasing? 2) If so, what can be done about this? 3) Can inequality threaten social stability?

Hydrogen Economy
Governments are investing heavily in hydrogen with a vision of hydrogen-powered cars gliding quietly down the street emitting water vapour. Advocates point to Iceland's success in its early adoption of hydrogen as a replacement for fossil fuels. The agenda points are: 1) Is this vision of hydrogen as the fuel of the future based on reality? 2) How will the energy to produce hydrogen be supplied, and how will it be stored? 3) How will the infrastructure to distribute hydrogen be developed?

Love: A Matter of Trust
Many writers have said that love makes the world go round and animates all interpersonal relationships. The agenda points are: 1) How does science explain love? What do history, literature and mythology teach us about this emotion? 2) What does one do without love? Are we ever without it? 3) Can love benefit society at large?

They've also got nine exiled Iraqis discussing the prospects for democracy in their homeland...