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Saturday, December 07, 2002

Vietnam also has approximately 19,000 street children.

Most of these children experience considerable mental and physical hardship and are vulnerable to gangsters involved in the drugs trade, human trafficking and prostitution.

Terres des Hommes, Education for Development and UNICEF Vietnam are all working to help Vietnam's street children in ways that are appropriate to their individual needs... services these organisations provide range from free housing, food and education to work training and assisted reunions with families.

On a related note... a former Oxford University student Jacci Garside has set up a charity called the Kianh Foundation in order to raise money and awareness and help bring physiotherapy, good nursing care, education and fun to disabled children living in an orphanage in Hoi An, Vietnam.

Of the 1 million disabled people in Vietnam the International Red Cross (IFRC) has estimated that 100,000 disabled Vietnamese children have suffered birth defects as a result of Agent Orange (Dioxin) poisoning experienced by their parents during, and since, the Vietnam War.