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Friday, December 06, 2002

Global Witness, an NGO that works to highlight the links between the exploitation of natural resources and human rights abuses - particularly where natural resources such as timber, diamonds and oil are used to fund conflict - have sent in their most recent press releases.

The first release higlights concerns about the conditions agreed between auditing firm Deloitte, Touche, Tohmatsu and the Government of Liberia with regard to an audit of logging and shipping registry revenues demanded by the UN Security Council.

Evidence provided by Global Witness, the International Transport Workers’ Federation and Security Council Panel of Experts document how these industries finance the illicit arms trade and paramilitary militias that are destabilising West Africa. Global Witness therefore urge as much transparency as possible in the terms and conditions that have been agreed by Deloitte Touche with the Government of Liberia.

The second release highlights the dangers faced by community representatives when they come up against economic interests.
With the example of Cambodian community reps being beaten by state security forces while waiting outside the offices of the Department of Forestry and Wildlife (DFW) in order to request a workshop on forestry management.