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Saturday, November 16, 2002

Welcome to Earth-Info.Net!

This "weblog" is a first stab at producing a post-Johannesburg World Summit news and comment site... it is also non-political, independent and less than two weeks old...

I've set up this site because the majority of the websites covering the Jo'burg World Summit have been frozen since the summit finished and I think it is just as important - if not more important! - to monitor + encourage the achievement of existing promises + goals as spend days/months/years agreeing targets in the first place.

I'm based in the UK and have a goodish idea of what is happening near me but know there's much more going on and the more eyes and ears that contribute ideas and stories to this site, the stronger it can become... I'm also keen to cover as many countries and issues as well as possible, so please let me know about individuals, organisations and projects that are helping to make a difference in your part of the world.

If there is ever a lull in the updates please pop over to www.earthsummit.info which offers 600+ useful links (including summit outcomes, speeches by world leaders, links to NGOs, back-ground briefings, etc, etc) or the Oxford Earth Summit site which offers hours of great talks given by eminent speakers from Oxfam, Action Aid, The UN, Birldlife International, The UK Meteorological Office, Water Aid, The World Bank, Oxford University, The Royal Society, The Northern Ireland Womens Coalition in April 2002.

You can listen to these talks as mp3s or read the best quotes if you are in a hurry...

The useful links down the left hand side of this page should also be able to keep you busy for several hundred hours...

All the best


P.S. My email is matt.prescott -at- zoo.ox.ac.uk