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Sunday, November 03, 2002

A paper by the Open University's Joseph Hanlon entitled Are donors to Mozambique promoting corruption? says that "Mozambique has become a donor playground, and the Mozambican elite has become highly skilled at giving the donors what they want. Thus management of donor money is transparent and clear. The predatory elite do not steal donors' funds; instead they rob banks, skim public works contracts, demand shares in investments, and smuggle drugs and other goods - and they ensure that the justice system does not work so they cannot be caught." The issues raised in this paper are likely to apply to numerous other countries + although they make uncomfortable reading cannot, and should, not be ignored. Also find out about the assassination of two well-respected Mozambican journalists, Carlos Cardoso + Antonio Siba-Siba Macuacua, as they were about to expose those behind a $400 million banking scandal...