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Tuesday, November 05, 2002

After visiting the UK Electoral Commission site there's a chance you'll be glad/proud/relieved if you are lucky enough to live in a semi-functioning democracy...

It might even be enough to motivate you to register to vote if you aren't already registered. Providing your eligible it's even possible to secure your vote in 5 easy steps. These include providing photo-id, a signature, a national insurance number + your date of birth... not too daunting so far are they?! The fifth is the killer though as it involves going to a local office...

It's amazing to think that the strength and weakness of our democratic system could rest on our collective ability to walk, drive, bus, train, ski to a council office... Go on dig deep!

It may be worth mentioning that we have it easy in the UK. In Australia the Australian Electoral Commission will fine you if you don't give an X. Where as the Burmese haven't had an election since 1990 and the Iraqi populus were recently offered one candidate who amazingly achieved 100% of the votes cast, with 100% of the population casting their vote...